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The origins


The brand Nazareno Gabrielli was minted in 1907 in Tolentino at the hands of the entrepreneurial genius of the homonymous binder and decorator as the name of the craft workshop for decoration through sophisticated technologies, such as photoengraving and woodcut.

In 1922 the brand sees its business expand to the production of clothing and leather goods, bags and gloves

The origins


In 1928 the company obtained the assignment by Fiat of the construction of some leather upholstery of the first real train built in Italy. From the post-war period onwards, Nazareno Gabrielli became one of the most prestigious brands in the world of Italian fashion until reaching its maximum expansion in all sectors in the eighties: leather goods, clothing, accessories, diaries, with the opening of shops in different parts, managing among others also licensed works, one of all Cartier (leather goods and luggage).

Per la donna Nazareno Gabrielli, l'abito non deve appendersi al corpo, ma seguire le sue linee, deve accompagnare chi lo indossa e quando una donna sorride, l’abito deve sorridere con lei.

The origins


In the first years of the new millennium the ownership of the brand changed hands several times, until in 2012 the brand is taken over by the new company Nazareno Gabrielli, to date the brand is the exclusive property of Silvestro Muccillo, well-known entrepreneur, starting from the manufacturing sector, over the years, it has been able to increase and diversify its activities, ranging from manufacturing, to real estate, as well as finance.

The common thread that has characterized the history of the brand, associated with the trend that has made Italian fashion and crafts a leading sector for quality, innovation and experimentation, is the "mission" that directs and pushes the property in realizing a project of total look, man and woman whose horizon is the world where the style of Nazareno Gabrielli has always been present and appreciated.